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Posted by Sharon Lanen Coskren on 10/6/2017

Little takes the luster out of a house like stale, drab colors. To keep a house feeling vibrant, even white, beige and off white walls need to be touched up. Painting your walls a new color is one way to add more zest to your home. But, painting the interior of your house takes lots of time.

Expensive and inexpensive steps to a more colorful home

You generally need to set aside five to six hours to paint a standard size room, and that's if you're a professional painter. Fortunately, there's a less time consuming path to a colorful  home. Artwork that's rich with color blasts is one way. Yet, artwork, especially original pieces that increase in value over time, start at several hundred dollars.

Color rich silk flowers is a third, less expensive and less time consuming path to a more colorful home. Have guests visiting in a few hours or one to two days? You could get silk flowers from your local department store. Choose an arrangement if you don't have experience creating eye popping floral arrangements.

Regarding color and design, here are a few tips to consider while shopping for beautiful silk flowers:

  • Go with floral arrangements that highlight outdoor seasons. For example, during spring, you can get silk flower arrangements that are rich with pinks, greens, whites and yellows. You could go with more greens, blues, purples and reds during autumn and winter.
  • Pay attention to lesser seen flowers. In other words, don't always go for roses and tulips. Carnations, buttercups, daffodil and amaryllis work wonders.
  • Opt for a vase that has the texture and design that sets off the flowers, the furniture and artwork at your house.
  • Clean silk floral arrangements twice a year, at the least before you store arrangements that are no longer in season. Regular cleanings keep colors in silk flowers vibrant.
  • Narrow to mid-size vases work well on end tables while long, broad vases fit well across coffee tables.
  • Wooden vases give silk flowers a greater natural look and feel.
  • Check out floral wholesale shops if you're feeling creative and want to design your own silk floral arrangement. You could also work with an online creative to get a customized arrangement. It might surprise you how much a customized colorful silk floral arrangement adds to your home, especially if you or a friend create the arrangement.
  • Don't feel pressed to add green stems to silk floral arrangements. Lack of green can create a more empowering color blasts.

Place a colorful arrangement in each room of your house, adding a different color to each room. You, your entire family and guests will appreciate it. After all, the human eye can detect about 10 million colors. Each color can affect how a person feels.

Be open to adding two to three or more new colors to your house each year. You'll have more options if you focus on color tones. Light blues, medium purples and spicy reds are only a start.

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