Posted by Sharon Lanen Coskren on 6/2/2017

Adult children move back home for a variety of reasons. Opportunity to pay for college without taking on housing costs, unemployment and a desire to live amongst family are a few reasons why adult children return home. Make the living situation rewarding for you and your adult children by creating an independent living space for your offspring. Space for all ages Do your adult children have children of their own? †If so, childproof your home by installing security gates and latches. Create a play space for your grandchildren and make sure that everyone has adequate sleeping space. Bunk beds, sofa beds, day beds and inflatable beds save space. Some sleeping options like the inflatable bed can be stored in the closet, while others have a dual purpose, functioning as a bed at night and as a sofa or seating space during the day. Privacy matters and living expectations Room dividers offer privacy, a bonus that adult children want. Youíll also want your own privacy. You can get the privacy that everyone craves by creating verbal living agreements with adult children. Items† to cover in agreements include adult children letting you know if they plan to have company over, particularly if they want to host large gatherings like barbecues, parking, rent., childcare arrangements (if youíre a grandparent), cooking expectations and house cleaning responsibilities. Basements and attics work wonders Design your basement as a family gathering area. Add entertainment resources like a pool or ping pong table, wide screen television, shelving for board games, sofa and plenty of chairs. You could also turn your basement into an apartment, adding a bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The last option could pay off after your adult children move into their own home if you decide to rent the space out. Put a bed, a dresser, closet and a small refrigerator in the attic and youíve added another living space to your home. Add a permanent staircase, as pull down steps may weaken with constant use. Add value to your home by designing your attic so that it meets local housing codes. Also, make sure that there is sufficient insulation in the attic. Itís the closest room to your houseís roof and, absent adequate insulation, could become especially cold during winter or unbearably hot during summer. Adding a room could increase your homeís value If you donít have a basement or an attic and live in a house thatís 1,500 square feet or smaller, it might be time to add a room to your house. Get bids from contractors and negotiate the best deals. Get the most value out of the new room by building a bathroom and small kitchen into the space. Again, think space to accommodate your adult children as well as how changes that you make now could increase the overall value of your home.