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Who doesn't love upgrades? They make houses feel new, warm and welcoming. Upgrades also add value to houses. But, not all upgrades are applauded by landlords. Minimal upgrades like hanging oil paintings and photographs, installing motion detector lights up front walkways and significantly trimming hedges may easily be approved by landlords.

Home rental renovations that may require pre-clearance

It is upgrades like these that landlords may not only approve of the house renovations, they might allow tenants to make these changes to houses they are renting absent getting the landlords' written or verbal agreement. Types of house renovations or upgrades that landlords might frown upon include:

  • Painting walls, especially if walls are re-painted bold colors like bold greens, yellows, reds or blues
  • Opening one or more walls at the rented property- As convenient as it is to open a room, making it easy to see from one room into another, this type of structural upgrade could change an appeal of the house. Some people prefer closed rooms to open rooms at a house. Eliminating this option could make it harder for the landlord to find the right tenants or buyers.
  • Ceiling fans can help to reduce indoor temperatures and lower utility bills. Ceiling fans also alter the appearance of rooms. Depending on the design of ceiling fans, this particular renovation could give off the impression that the house is Southern, located in a laid back neighborhood or located in an upscale community.
  • Definitely get approval before upgrading, removing or replacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, flooring or the roof. As terrific as the upgrades might look, they could change the rented house in ways that the landlord doesn't want.
  • Faucets add beauty to kitchens and bathrooms. They are one of the quickest ways to give a house a lift. Faucets are also generally inexpensive house renovations. But, landlords may want certain faucet designs, materials and colors and those designs, materials and colors may not agree with what landlords want.
  • Furniture upgrades work unless you are renting a furnished house.

To prevent any stress from entering your house rental arrangement, discuss renovations with landlords in detail before you start paying for upgrade material. Increased security may come through a signed agreement.

Make renovating your rented house easy

Rent a house and you won't have to worry about closing costs, property taxes or major home maintenance expenses. You can feel as if the house that you're renting belongs to you. Some adults who rent houses are incredibly open, approachable and understanding landlords.

Enter a home rental agreement with one of these landlords and years might pass before you even think about moving and buying a house of your own. But, even the best house landlords want to know about certain home renovations before renters make the upgrades.

By getting renovations in writing before you move into a rented house, you can have the green light to make upgrades when you get ready. This may help you to feel as if the house that you are renting is your own.

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As a home seller, you'll want to ensure all areas of your house look great. By doing so, you may be able to generate substantial interest in your house and boost your chances of a quick home sale.

Unfortunately, some home areas are tougher to clean than others. And when it comes to cleaning your attic, it may prove to be a time-consuming process to transform this space from a liability into an asset.

So what does it take to fully clean an attic? Here are three tips to help a home seller revamp an attic in no time at all.

1. Look Out for Dust and Mold.

Dust and mold can be problematic, but these issues may arise if you rarely enter your home's attic. Fortunately, a home seller who spends some time cleaning the attic can minimize dust and mold with ease.

Repair or replace any loose, broken or missing shingles in your attic. Also, check attic windows for missing caulk or cracked panes. Resolving these issues may help you prevent mold from forming.

If you encounter mold, contact a certified indoor air quality professional immediately. This professional can evaluate your attic and offer recommendations to correct the problem.

In addition, dust your attic thoroughly. This will enable you to minimize the risk that dust mites and other irritants could enter other areas of your home.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Items.

From holiday decorations to family photo albums, your attic may be filled with a broad assortment of items. And if you remove clutter from your attic today, you may be able to save time after you sell your residence.

Go through your attic belongings and separate the essential items from the non-essential ones. That way, as moving day approaches, you won't have to rush to get rid of non-essential items.

Furthermore, wear rubber gloves, eye protection and a dust mask any time you clean or organize your attic. This will enable you to stay safe as you work.

3. Collaborate with Your Real Estate Agent.

Does your attic require a complete overhaul? If so, you may need professional cleaning support, and your real estate agent can put you in touch with the right cleaning company instantly.

Your real estate agent will do what it takes to help your home stand out in the eyes of homebuyers. He or she can offer attic cleaning recommendations and general cleaning tips, guaranteeing you should have no trouble creating a dazzling home interior.

When it comes to selling your home, it is easy to ignore your attic. However, a home seller who performs extensive attic cleaning may be able to differentiate his or her residence from others Ė something that is exceedingly important in a highly competitive real estate market.

Take advantage of the aforementioned attic cleaning tips Ė you'll be happy you did! If you revamp your attic, you could improve your chances of maximizing the value of your residence and accelerating the home selling process.

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This Condo in North Andover, MA recently sold for $185,000. This Garden,Low-Rise style home was sold by Sharon Lanen Coskren - RE/MAX Leading Edge.

30 Fernview Ave, North Andover, MA 01845


Sale Price

Great second floor location in Heritage Greens pet friendly development! Start your morning enjoying a cup of coffee on the adorable deck overlooking leafy trees. Light and bright unit with eat in kitchen with large window and open concept. Living room has great space and sliders to the deck. Two nice sized bedrooms complete the condo. Lots of storage space with multiple closets and a storage bay in the pull down attic. This location is prime for getting anywhere in town and makes commuting a breeze. It's easy to get to shops, schools and highways. The condo fee includes heat, hot water, water and sewer. Plus you have an exercise room, clubroom, inground swimming pool and tennis court. Lots to keep you busy and active and all of this for a great price in North Andover! Come by the Open House Sunday 11:00-12:30. This will go quickly!

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This Single-Family in North Andover, MA recently sold for $310,000. This Colonial style home was sold by Sharon Lanen Coskren - RE/MAX Leading Edge.

22 Bixby Avenue, North Andover, MA 01845



Sale Price

Freshly painted exterior!, This house is a big win. A fantastic location on a quiet side street, brand new bathroom, newer windows and electrical, newer hardwoods in all of the good sized bedrooms. There's a nice sized living room for entertaining, a quaint office area to work from home. This is the perfect way to get into North Andover and all it has to offer. Don't want to mow a huge lawn? Spend your time instead walking to downtown, playground, schools, library, shops and restaurants. Feel like a hike? Walk to beautiful trails of Weir Hill. Adorable private backyard with potting shed where you can relax on your patio and host family and friends for summer barbecues. What a gem!

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Despite the fact that children are injured each year by hazards inside their home, you can safety proof your home and keep your children unharmed. Talk to your children about dangers of playing with certain products or items in your home. For example, you could tell your children not to touch the stove, stick objects in electrical outlets or play near or on steps. Creating a safe home environment is fairly simple To protect toddlers and young children from falling down steps, install safety gates at the tops of steps. Ensure that the gates are properly installed and donít give way when leaned against. Also, install safety locks or latches on kitchen and bathroom cabinets that store harmful household cooking utensils, chemicals like bleaches, grill lighter fluid and heavy skillets and pans that could fall on your child. Again, test the latches to ensure that they are properly installed. Additional steps that you can take to child safety proof your kitchen include putting anti-scald covers on stove eyes and remaining in the kitchen while the stove is on. Keep pots and pans on back eyes, if possible, while the stove is on to help prevent children from accidentally bumping into pots and pans, causing hot liquids and foods to splash on them. If stoves, refrigerators and other appliances are uneven, install pads beneath them to make them even. Anchors, similar to those used in hotel rooms, can also be installed on furniture to keep furniture from toppling over should children climb atop the furniture. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission also shares that edge bumpers can keep children from being injured should they fall against furniture. Alarms that should be in every home To protect your child from electrical shocks, place hard-to-remove covers over electrical outlets. Also, make sure that all electrical outlets have a standard plate on them. Engage in fire safety by installing fire alarms throughout your home. Itís also a good idea to store a fire extinguisher in a safe room in your house. Another type of alarm that you can install is a carbon monoxide alarm. Inspect both alarms regularly and replace the alarm batteries no less than once a year. As a family, practice fire and other safety exit drills. This can let you know if older children need more instruction on what to do in the event of natural disasters or a human created emergency. Outdoors child safety proof measures include putting locks on the garage door and placing garage door openers high enough so that young children cannot reach them. Make sure that electric garage door openers are functioning properly. Rakes, shovels, gravel, hammers and other heavy or hazardous objects should be kept out of the reach of young children. Because no child safety proof measures may work all the time, particularly if your child is determined to explore an area or object, educating your child about the dangers of playing with certain items is important. So too is making sure that you and your older children practice safety such as removing toys from the bottom of steps, keeping cords and plastic out of the reach of children and removing water from tubs when they are not in use.